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What Inspires and Motivates Chris Latham?

There are many factors that inspire athletes: witnessing other talented athletes, having an understanding coach, their family or even overcoming an injury. Inspiration is something that is completely subjective and comes in many forms. Read more about what inspires Chris here. 

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What is Chris Latham's Diet?
6 jun

An athlete’s diet is scrupulously monitored and planned as it is one of the key components to their success. It is all about nutritional balance in order to give energy but also aid recovery after rigorous training sessions. Read more about Chris' diet in the run up to Rio 2016 here. 

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Why Did Chris Latham Want to Become a Cyclist?

Choosing a career path is difficult no matter what age you are. Having to take into account interests, locations, salary and commitments – it can be a daunting and life altering decision. Athletes have to sacrifice a lot and this has to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to do the sport professionally. 

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