Serviced Offices were originally established to cater for the flexibility that call centres and mobile workers desired, now they have quickly evolved into a serious market in the UK occupying 70 million sq.ft. of space. Businesses of all types and sizes have understood the benefits of serviced offices and the combined market houses around 80,000 businesses, providing over 400,000 jobs and generating £2bn to the national economy according to a report published by the BCA in February 2014

So who are serviced offices suitable for and what are the main reasons businesses prefer them over a traditional lease?


1. Serviced Offices are for businesses that want to cut costs. 

As prices for property increase year on year, businesses are looking for more affordable space to move into with flexible terms and an ‘all-inclusive’ element. Locating your business in a Business Centre splits the utility costs and overheads between each office within the centre providing facilities for your company at a fraction of the cost. 

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2. Serviced Offices are for businesses that need to be more efficient with their time.

In an ideal world, you’d be focussing your entire efforts on what your business does well and leaving the rest to the experts. Businesses are witnessing the benefits of the full service of a serviced office. A team of support experts will ensure facilities are maintained, IT & telecoms are working and your calls, mail and clients are handled with the right touch of professionalism your business requires. 

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3. Serviced Offices are for growing your business.

Whether a Start-Up is looking for their first office space to make their own or a SME/large business is looking to test a new market or expand into new territories. A serviced office gives the flexibility for businesses to grow and expand as and when they need to. 

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4. Serviced Offices are for the Risk Adverse.

While you can sign up for a year or more, there are also options to sign up on a monthly basis. The obvious advantage is you only need to commit to the time and money you feel comfortable with. Each month a detailed bill will sum up your monthly expenditure which will have no surprise extras as you pay for what you use! 

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If you think your business falls into any or all of the above, then it’s about time you move into a serviced office. Right? 

Orega have a variety of serviced offices in city centre locations throughout the UK and Europe that are suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. 

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