Last Friday, 18th October was ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ day and people all over the world will be doing ‘standathons’ to raise money for Cancer Research. 

But should we be doing this more often in the office? Long periods of sitting are bad for your health and research has said that standing at work could help increase your health and promote a better lifestyle.

More and more companies are promoting standing up and moving around regularly as part of your working day, with more standing desks turning up in the office.

As the office is evolving everything is becoming mobile; activity based working and hot desking are becoming commonplace in the office.

Designers are increasingly changing the way they think about furniture in order to cater for this change in working.

Having a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to diabetes and heart disease, whereas standing at a desk can burn up to 30,000 calories a year.

Do you think you should start standing at work?