Natural Beverages Co. sponsor our #CatchZach Challenge

We are happy to announce that The Natural Beverages Co. from Orega Bristol are our official drinks sponsor for our #CatchZach challenge in MediaCityUK, Manchester. (You can read about the challenge here)

It is an absolute privilege to have one of our very own clients sponsoring our charity effort, especially one who has just won the Best Fairtrade Retailer at the Business Awards 2014.

Orega gets all the details of what makes Natural Beverages so special in this Q&A.

Orega: 'Where did the inspiration to start-up Natural Beverages come from?'

Natural Beverages: Leonard Van Geest, Founder and chairman of Natural Beverages has vast knowledge and a long and successful history within the food industry, Leonard’s family were the founders of food giant Geest. Leonard noticed that many healthy fruit drinks within the UK were unsuitable for the retail market due to their short shelf life and high wastage, with this in mind Leonard went about creating a 100% natural fruit smoothie with an 8 month shelf life, this would enable many more business to add a healthy smoothie to their range. This is how Natural Beverages and our Fruit Hit brand started!

O. 'What makes NB unique compared with other beverages?'

NB. Here at Natural Beverages we believe strongly in using Fairtrade produce to create all of our delicious soft drinks. All products created by Natural Beverages carry the Fairtrade mark meaning every time you buy a Fruit Hit juice or smoothie, farmers and workers in developing countries benefit from a premium which is invested into their businesses and communities. Natural Beverages produce the largest Fairtrade soft drink range within the UK.

O. 'How long have you been with Orega Bristol and what makes Bristol a desirable location for your company?'

NB. Natural Beverages has been in Orega’s Bristol site for 3 years, we were the second client in the building when it first opened. Orega’s Bristol office is in a fantastic location with great links to Temple Meads train station and the M4. The offices are very clean, bright and colorful and the team here at Bristol is very friendly and helpful. 

O. 'What is your favourite thing about working in Bristol?'

NB. Bristol is a lively city with lots of culture and interesting things to do and see. The award winning St Nicholas market is host to many quirky shops, cafes and pubs and there are many fantastic street food stalls. 

O. 'What are your future plans for Natural Beverages?'

NB. We believe that Fairtrade products should be available to everyone, at home, in the work place and at school. Our plan is to help make this happen. 

We also think that every product should be traded fairly, in developing countries and here in the UK. We will continue investing time in our current range and have plans to bring new Fairtrade products to the market, keep your eyes peeled! 

O. 'How does The Natural Beverages Company support Fairtrade?'

NB. Our products are made using as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible. Apples from Brazil, Bananas from Ecuador and Pineapples from Thailand just to name a few. We like to support Fairtrade through social media, advertising and by teaming up with our local Fairtrade steering groups.   

O. 'And lastly, where can we find these delicious Natural Beverages co. products?' 

NB. Our products can be found in The Co-Operative, Waitrose, Universities and many other small cafes and retail outlets across the country. You can contact us to find your local stockist.