There are many factors that inspire athletes: witnessing other talented athletes, having an understanding coach, their family or even overcoming an injury. Inspiration is something that is completely subjective and comes in many forms. 

                                            Chris Race2

I have to say the thing that inspires me the most, is the fact that I can ride my bike for a job. Cycling is what I love doing most so to do it professionally and every day is a dream come true. Not many people are fortunate enough to say this and I feel really lucky that I can.  

What motivates me? The thought of the better lifestyle I will be able to provide for me and my family in the future. Also the fact that I promised my parents a bungalow in the countryside at some point. They made a lot of sacrifices for me and without them none of this would have been possible. When I was younger they drove me all over the country to compete in races. They helped get me to where I am now – possibly competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics! 


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