1. I have a small case of OCD.  Well, according to my girlfriend as she watches me pack for a lot of races. Being a cyclist, you live most of your life out of a suitcase so I like my things to be neat and tidy. I have everything in its own little bag.  I have even been to an alterations shop and had my name embroidered on all the little bags to make it more personal.

  2. I like food (a lot) so this has made me handy in the kitchen. There aren’t many foods that I don’t like so the possibilities in the kitchen are endless.

  3. I’ve kept every number from every race I’ve ever done. I’m not 100% sure why or what I’m going to do with them but I think it’s nice to have these mementos. I’ll maybe put them all together in order and somehow make a floor or feature wall out of them for my house or garage.

  4. When I was younger my brother and I really wanted a pond in the back garden but our dad wouldn’t let us. When he went to work we dug a massive hole in the garden and put a plastic pond tub in it then filled it with fish. At first he was angry but now he loves it and he has his own carp.

  5. I had a rabbit that lived for 15 years. We called him Bud. I bought him for £13 at the local pet shop. He lived in the house and became part of the family. Mum even started adding him to the list when she wrote a Christmas or birthday card from the family.