The inescapable pull of Manchester as a business hub has contributed to the growth of the city and its desirability as a destination, so it’s no surprise that businesses are continuing to migrate North. 

The BBC began its strategic move northbound when it confirmed it was relocating to Salford, MediaCityUK in 2006 creating hundreds of new jobs and encouraging training, growth and development of the creative and digital industries in the area. 

Orega is also taking advantage of the growth seen in the North by offering its brand of professional serviced office space opening Orega Piccadilly in [2010], Orega King Street in [2013] & Orega MediaCity in [2015]. 

So why is the Northern city such a draw card for businesses?

Roof Terrace


Office prices in London are rising year on year and the average price is £10,000 more than the UK average. Manchester prices although rising, are much more affordable. The average office space in London is £25,000 whereas Manchester’s average is £6,500. Figures provided by the BCA.

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Economic growth

Employment growth is a good indicator for economic health and Manchester’s employment is at 3.8% which outperforms some of the world’s leading capital cities including Paris (1.7%) according to Manchester Evening News. 

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In Manchester, you can get a weekly Bus pass for £8 that will take you everywhere you need to go. London’s weekly bus pass (if you dare take the bus in London!) is £21. 

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London is well known for its technology industry but did you know Virgin Media is investing 75 million to bring superfast broadband to Manchester, making it the first city in the UK to benefit from this? Well now you do. Manchester also has its very own Tech city, MediaCityUK, which is attracting a plethora of start-ups, digital and creative companies. 

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East London is a renowned hotspot for generating and nurturing creative outlets and industries and now the North has it's very own creative hub. Manchester’s MediaCityUK is quickly becoming a go to destination for start-ups, especially in the creative and digital industries. It is also the home of  creative industry giants the BBC and ITV studios (and Orega’s newest business centre!)

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London’s pub culture is second to none, but drinking out after work can be an expensive team bonding exercise. Manchester is a lot more affordable for those Friday after work celebratory drinks!


If you need more convincing to move up North, have a look at the Top 10 reasons why you need to work in MediaCityUK.

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